Vermeer Mashup Girl Talking About Art eCommerce

In 2011, while looking for pictures on the internet pertaining to the Medici, I stumbled across Italy’s Secret Places, a somewhat quirky blog site that focused on the appealing and also occasionally upsetting elements of Italy’s background, as revealed by its several monoliths as well as inscriptions. On closer inspection, the author of the blog was none aside from Dr. Edward Goldberg, author of books such as After Vasari and also the remarkable Jews and Magic in Renaissance Florence.

I quickly found Dr. Goldberg was the owner of the Medici Archive Job (a reality not conveniently discernible when visiting the MAP internet site) and is a local of Florence, whose enthusiasm for art and also history was expressed with historical discoveries. What complied with was a stable and also honest exchange of info, as I sought to expand the scope of my composing at 3PP to include an audio technical foundation. In other words time, Dr. Goldberg came to be a much valued friend and advisor, which I had the pleasure of meeting face to face (together with Dr. Alexandra Korey) when I went back to Florence in 2012. Find more here on the home page.

During both of my short adventures to Italy, in 2010 as well as 2012, it quickly became apparent that digital advancement in the social sector is something the nation and its dominant organizations are yet to comprehend. I usually admired the outstanding accomplishment the production of the Medici Archive Project represented, and also had wished to ask Dr. Goldberg concerning this, and also lots of various other elements of his long and also intriguing job in and out of art background.

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